Denali Service Announcement 6/11/18



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    Good afternoon, DialSource users:

    Today presented a new challenge in the form of a Campaign Worker inefficiency which caused system-wide slowdowns. This issue began at approximately 11:30a PT and was resolved at 12:30p PT by updating the process which handles Campaign Refresh queuing. User experience varied depending on which server group users were on and there were a few trailing reports a bit later around 1:30p PT.

    With growth comes new challenges, each presenting an opportunity to engineer a new solution. Although this enhancement opportunity was previously unaccounted for, it reinforced our commitment to a path of database optimization. Our aim is to avoid issues before they arise. However, we are realistic and that is not always going to be the case. In those circumstances, we want to communicate well and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    As an engineering firm at our core, we are always excited about new and different challenges that arise in the trajectory of the company and the product. We understand the impact of technology like Denali on your business, both the efficiencies it brings, as well as the sting of being without those tools for any period of time. We remain committed to the success of your organizations through the use of Denali and are looking forward to some of the infrastructure upgrades already in the works.

    Drew Hayes
    Director, Client Services
    (916) 756-0855

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