Denali Service Announcement 4/26/19




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    Jennifer Ortiz

    Our agents are definitely seeing slowness and lagging.  We will hang in there and let you know if it turns into unresponsiveness.

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    Nikki Shepard

    Inbound calls are still impacted - FYI.  Agents are unable to answer Inbound calls presented to them in the dialer (while Inbound Ready and Connected, and while Inbound Ready and not connected).

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    Noele Crooks

    Reps cannot answer inbound calls on our side either. Additionally these are other issues going on, not sure if they are related but pointing them out just in case:

    -      It takes up to 30 seconds to dial a call which is a huge lag.

    -      Reps also can’t hang up because the activity screen isn’t populating on the right side.

    -      When missed calls come through reps cannot click from the history tab and have the contact open up

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    Nikki Shepard

    Even after a Hard Reload, we are still experiencing delays in the response of the dialer panel for inbound calls.  Agents need to click the buttons several times (answer, merge, leave merged call, disconnect, disposition, etc) before the dialer accurately responds.

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